There are many indications as to know if your car needs its tyres changed.

  • The simplest or the basic one is to see if the tread is finished, all tyres have some or the other pattern on them or you can call them tread. To see if the tread is finished in your tyre, the companies add some indicators on the tyres, which you may understand better by looking at this picture below
  • If you see the side wall of your tyre bulged out or in other words, the side wall has a kind of bubble forming, you will have to change your tyres as soon as possible, because these tyres can have the tendency to burst at anytime, no matter if your tyre is new or it has a sufficient amount of tread left, there is no possible solution to the side bulging of the tyre except replacement

The above picture shows the bulging formed on the side wall of the tyre.

  • The basic life of a tyre is around 5 years, depending on how much it has been running on that road, after 5 years the tyres tend to get hard and lose their flexibility due to being exposed to the sunlight. The rigidness of the tyre can cause them to develop cracks on the corners of the tyres. Cracked tyres can result in constant leakage of air from the cracks or the tyres may even burst due to constant driving. So it is suggested to change the tyres instantly.

The above pictures are of cracked tyres.

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